Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 App Updated

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Microsoft has updated CRM for tablets apps are now live in both the windows store (app version and the apple app store (app version 1.0.51). They provide additional language support for Chinese and Japanese, and the new iPad app also provides support for iOS 7.

Note that while the new iPad app supports iOS 7, CRM is not currently supported in the iOS 7 version of the Safari browser, so if you plan to use CRM in both the app and the browser (or just the browser), your iPad should be configured with iOS 6.

These updated apps require the installation of microsoft dynamics crm 2013 update rollup 1 to the CRM server. If your organization is using CRM Online, this update has already been applied.

The CRM web application is supported in the following browsers and operating systems for tablets:

Windows 8 RT with Internet Explorer 10
Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10
iOS 6 Safari for iPad, 3rd or 4th generation (not the iPad Mini)
Android 4.2 for the Google Nexus 10 with Chrome
The latest CRM for tablet apps are supported in the following operating systems:

Windows 8 RT
Windows 8
iOS 7 for iPad
iOS 6 for iPad
Future updates will provide additional browser and operating system support.

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